Sunday, 19 March 2017

DESIGNER MODE: Natasha Kamal

I've been following this designer for about a year or two, and have been loving her designs - Natasha Kamal has a love of formal and semi-formal pret which I love because they look trendy, stylish and yet classic enough to be able to wear for a few years without looking outdated.

I also like that they have a comfort factor to them - most of their outfits have clean cuts with embroidery to them that looks like it won't catch or ruin easily - a problem we've all suffered with!

There's quite a few different styles in the Natasha Kamal range, which have caught my eye. These are a few of the embroidered outfits that I love - admittedly some of these are similar but I think that this is part of the brand's signature look. I love that I can see myself in all of these, the colours are simple and classic and these are perfect for Eid, family functions and dawats.

There's also a few outfits which come with a cape - I very nearly bought one of these last Eid (but didn't because I left it too late to ship in time!) - don't they look stylish?

I've noticed that a lot of the later designers by Natasha Kamal have included a cut-out style which looks very pretty, and is a great alternative to the embroidered or heavily-embellished look.

There are also a few heavier outfits with beading on them, again this looks great because it's not too heavy and the colours work well with the outfit.

There's also a wedding range which the designer has released, which is mostly lengha-outfits - I'll be honest and say that these aren't as appealing to me as the formal outfits. I do like the colour range used here and have seen these being worn on Instagram by a few fashionistas, but personally they don't do it for me.

I think my current two favourite pieces are these two (and yes, they're both white/cream pieces!) - I love the damask-style embroidery on the left outfit, and the pretty cut-work style on the right piece. I've seen a lot of replicas of the cut-out outfit but I think Natasha Kamal still has the best version I've seen yet!

At present you can buy directly from the Natasha Kamal website (which seems to ship to internationally to quite a few places) and also Brand Central, who also carry a range that definitely ships to several countries like the UK.

I'm hoping to get one of these soon (if I manage to order in time for an appropriate event!) - if I do, I'll be sure to post. What do you think of this designer's style?


  1. Wow, Natasha did really good job here, I really liked the pattern work here. Great work, keep it up and do share more designs with us.

  2. thats really fab designs natasha great work
    thanks for the post keep updating