Sunday, 21 February 2016

DESIGNER MODE: Faraz Manan presents the Imperial Collection

Who doesn't love Faraz Manan? In the last couple of years the designer has really made a name for himself and gained popularity, and it's no wonder why - his collections just keep getting better and better. I meant to post this earlier but couldn't get any decent pictures until now - Faraz Manan's launch at his flagship store in Dubai, debuting his Imperial Collection.

I followed a lot of the designs from the launch on instagram and loved what I saw - shades of creams, golds and silver in beautiful dresses and formals.

I won't go on too much about the outfits, but I thought each one was beautifully detailed and made amazing outfits - ideal for as bridals for wedding functions or heavy formals for special events. I also loved the colour themes in this collection, which all complemented each other and look every elegant and regal.

Here's some pictures of the outfits below - my favourites were the maxi dresses but I also loved the cuts of the saris and trousers suits too.

You can see the beautiful detail in each piece, which have intricate embellishments and crystals in silver and gold which go wonderfully with the outfits - right up any bride's streets.

I think Faraz Manan also managed to produce an amazing range of outfits which would appeal to a lot of body shapes and tastes too, and you can certainly see how luxurious this collection is. This is a collection for special events and weddings, and each piece certainly is designed to stand out.

I also thought it was interesting that while not every outfit is modest, there are plenty of flowing maxi dresses which are, and there are a lot of dramatic pieces too. Faraz Manan certainly made a splash with this launch and received a lot of praise for this collection - since then we've seen a few of his newer pieces in the year and he has not disappointed.

Images from Wedded Wonderland and Facebook

Did you see any of this collection's launch? Which one did you like best?

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