Monday, 24 August 2015

Things I've Been Doing...A Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Sorry for being absent for a while folks, I've been caught up with organising a tea party at my house this weekend just gone, and now that it's over I can post a few pics and get back to fashion!

Here's a few snaps of the day, I tried to keep the theme as consistent as possible, and I loved how many ideas there were out there (thank you Pinterest!), as well as the random things I found around my house (the top hat was already in my wardrobe from a fancy dress party from years ago!)

I was really happy with how everything came together, and the fact that it really let my creative bug out, not to mention all the goodies and desserts I managed to make (and eat!)

You can see more pictures here about my afternoon and also some on my Instagram page as well, but it was definitely a fun day and worth all the hard work!

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