Wednesday, 12 August 2015

HIGH STREET DESIGNS: Floral Maxis by Seasons

Anyone who goes shopping with me will see that I've been having a hankering for florals in some form or another, and I'm really liking how this trend has seeped into Asian fashion in beautiful outfits of various styles.

Here are some beautiful floral print maxi dresses I've been lusting after in local shop Seasons Asian Designer Wear, which I thought would be amazing for a reception or registry (or an extravagant tea party!)
They're actually not too badly priced at £400ish, and while there's not a lot of work on these, they don't really need much bling to it, the cut of the skirts remind me of something from Ted Baker, and they're definitely glamorous enough to be dressy!

I love the orange and red print one on the bottom right, but my sisters all love the white printed one on the bottom left a little more. Which do you prefer?

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