Sunday, 18 January 2015

An Indian Take on Disney Brides

You may have already seen this floating around on the internet, but I thought this was a really fun photo shoot and thought I'd repost. Amrit Grewal, of Amrit Photography took the idea of Disney Princesses and re-thought the idea, with really pretty results.

The sets were designed by Universal Decor Events, and the photo-shoot was conceptualised and directed by Jasmine Nijjar, marketing manager for Wellgroomed Designs, which is an Indian couture bridal salon in Vancouver. I love the end-result for this, the photographer captured the dreamy look well and it was nice to see a range of maxi dresses, lenghas, saris and beautiful jewellery and styling.

While not everyone may want to go for a princessy look for their wedding day, I really like the fact that this photo shoot shows it can be done, and that there can be different interpretations to an idea (I liked the fact that for once Jasmine gets to wear a dress and not Ali Baba pants). My favourite is probably the Sleeping Beauty one though, I love the beautiful surrounding flowers, the dreamy setting and the amazingly luxurious dress.

What do you think of this photo series, did you like the costumes?

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