Sunday, 7 December 2014

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: The Grey, Blue & Emerald Nida Azwer Outfit

I thought I'd post one of the more recent outfits I wore to a party not too long ago, especially because I wore an outfit that has become one of my (many!) favourites. I had ordered a Nida Azwer semi-formal party outfit before I was married as part of my jahez collection (my wedding trousseau), which cost a bit more than some of my other outfits, but which I loved because it was such an elegant outfit. I didn't buy many new outfits for my trousseau because I already had so many and didn't want to be lumbered with outfits I couldn't wear, so I stuck to a few and picked carefully.

This outfit was ordered online via email and was a ready-made outfit, it came pretty quickly and I didn't need to send many emails - you can see some of the designers I had been researching at the time here.

This is the outfit below, my favourite part of the outfit is the embellished high collar, with beautiful emerald coloured accents and stones, as well as green stones which made buttons along the front of the dress.The front has scattered mukesh (that small flat metal dotted around) and metalwork, and the hem and cuffs were made of thick printed silk and jacquard which made for a flowy look and didn't feel heavy at all. But my favourite bit is still the collar and the buttons!


This is how I accessorised the outfit, I wanted to keep the outfit simple, and I wasn't in the mood for a lot of jewellery which I thought would be a bit too much. I love the simplicity of the dress and thought I would play up the blue accents - which gave me a chance to re-use my wedding clutch, which matched perfectly.

This is me wearing the outfit (can you see my husband is getting a bit better at taking photos?), it was an all-girls event so I didn't wear a hijab, but if I had I probably would have worn a dark blue one to go with it. The outfit was very comfortable, and the shoes went with the look perfectly and completed the look, as did the clutch.


Outfit - Nida Azwer
Clutch - Lovetobag
Shoes - Kurt Geiger

I loved wearing this outfit and received a lot of compliments for it - it fits perfectly and felt very comfortable on. When I received this outfit in the post I was over the moon, it looked better than the pictures, and looked very elegant on. I'm waiting for the next chance to wear this again because it looked so lovely, perhaps trying to highlight the green accent this time for another look!

What do you think of this outfit - have you ordered from Nida Azwer before?


  1. that is ONE gorgeous outfit !!!

  2. How can I go about ordering the outfit from nida azwer? how did u select and order it online?

  3. Also, if you don't mind, could you share the cost of the outfit. I have not been able to find a price range for nida azwer formals.