Wednesday, 12 February 2014


I've mentioned before my love for quirky, boho and out-of-the-ordinary garments, so I thought I'd post another designer who has caught my eye. MORA by Ritika Mittal ('Mora' meaning 'mine') is a company which designs beautiful saris, skirts, shawls and even home furnishing and similar drapes, using home-grown Indian fabrics and textiles, and drawing on the techniques of weavers in small towns and villages.

I love the fact that the MORA looks at different dialects, customs and traditions of India, and bounds them together in their rich printed and embroidered designs:

"Mora designs are an eclectic collage of influences from various regions of India: a handful of Ahomiya jungle mist, the tickling laughter of Kutchi women, the spicy wet earth of Kerala and the booming railroad whirring of Punjab’s song and dance."

Focussing on North East Indian weaves, the fabrics used are beautiful, natural products which aren't heavily embellished, looking comfortable, traditional and beautiful. I love the fact that the women who model these clothes are beautiful too, but not in an air-brushed, model sort of way - these look like real women in India, women of all shapes, ages and sizes, which makes the brand even more likeable and worth supporting because of their ethic. It's easy to forget the small tailors and weavers trying to support their small business amongst all of the huge labels and designer brands in the clothes industry, and it's nice to see something different out there too.

MORA saris and drapes are available to buy here (or you can message the designers via Facebook) and you can also check out the Ritika's blog here.


All images belong to MORA


  1. What beautiful prints. I love the chequered pallu's on some of these Saris. I also liked that they used real women, who are still beautiful in their own unique way.

  2. Hi
    How to order the saree nd want to see the catalogue too.

    1. Hi, I'm not sure how exactly but if you go to the Facebook group and message them you might be able to order x