Sunday, 12 August 2012

OUTFIT Of The Day: Navy and Beige Cotton Embroidered Kameez

I've not been able to post many of my outfits that I've worn recently, as I've not been going out as much! I did go to a dinner a few nights ago, and was able to put on some glad rags on!

This is a really comfortable navy blue long kameez with brown and beige accents,which was quite a simple suit and ideal for a casual dinner out. I purchased it from from a tiny shop in Ilford Lane, East London called Leemaz, and was happy because it didn't cost much at all, at a bargain for £25!

Outfit - Leemaz, Ilford Lane, East London
Black suede mid-heel courts - New Look
Large kundan ring - Present from my mum, from Pakistan

And this is me wearing the outfit, although I kept it quite simple so that it would be more of casual look:

 I really like how flattering the shape of this dress is, and although it isn't very dressy it's quite classic in terms of wearability and in terms of colour. It's also very ideal for the summer, as it's light and the cotton is quite comfy. And for the price, I really can't complain!


  1. I like your suit! I think it's casual yet elegant. I prefer the minimal design and the pretty colour combination. You look great in the last picture. However, i prefer the churidar rather than the flared pants. Although you suit them, maybe it's just me as i am petite, i kind of prefer the fitted look of churidars. Keep up the great dressing :) x

  2. This looks lovely! Really like the design and colours. Very wearable.

  3. Thank you girls!

    Tutu&Glitter: I love both trousers and churidars, although for hot weather, I prefer loose clothes and cool fabrics so the trousers are a better bet!

    Shivi: Thank you, agreed, it's a very wearable outfit!