Tuesday, 2 June 2015

MAKE-UP REVIEW: Khadijah Kadwani MUA

I recently met Khadijah Kadwani, a make-up artist who did mine and my sister's make-up,  which we loved the results for. We'd met her at Hina Rasim's Eid Soiree and she was really helpful at explaining how she worked as an MUA, what she used and even gave us advice, so we both opted to get our make-up done by her.

I always take a peek at what make-up the MUA is using (my bridal make-up, for example, was a good mix of brands I use myself) and I love the fact that Khadijah doesn't just rely on MAC like a lot of make-up artists I've used before.

My sister got her make-up done first, and asked Khadijah for a little contouring and highlighting on her cheeks. My sister has quite defined cheekbones so on her, the bronzey/contoured look works pretty well - Khadijah showed her what make-up she used and also how to apply. I really liked how her cheeks looked when the make-up artist was finished - it was very glowy and subtle, and blended well with my sister's face so it looked natural.

For myself, I asked for some light contouring (don't worry, the wonkey eye-liner below is all me!). I'm not a fan of heavy contouring or bronzer, and it certainly doesn't suit me - I explained this to Khadijah and asked for something a little subtle, so she went quite light-handed, applying make-up from her Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette and showing me the colours she used. She then applied a light swish of bronzer and blush together on me (I forget the blush she used, which was a really lovely Mac one) but I loved how it looked at the end.

I've tried to show below the way the contouring was done on my cheeks below (sorry for the dodgy-cropped out images!), the colours are pretty true to how it looked in real life on me. I often find that bronzer or contouring which looks fab in photographs can look too cakey or heavy in real-life, and doesn't really appeal to me. In the case of what I had done, I really loved the subtle yet glamorous look, which really had the effect of making my face look very soft and glowy - perfect for a night out!

We also got a really lovely goody bag as well, with a leaflet for Khadijah's services, a compact mirror, some chocolates (which are aalll gone) and some make-up from New Cid Cosmetics. My sister got a bronzer and shimmer/highlighter, and I got a shimmer contour stick - we each basically got a make-up product relating to what we had asked about, which I thought was really thoughtful!

I've already got a Khadijah in mind for the next wedding we have coming up, and I'm pretty sure my sister will be booking her too. I'm always on the look out for make-up artists whose work I like, so far I love what I've seen.

You can contact Khadijah MUA via her Website, Facebook, and Instagram, otherwise contact her for bookings on 07713 137 611.


  1. I have always been curious about contouring makeup. I need to go see a professional and learn how its done. With my pale complexion and large pores I worry that it will not look natural. Can this be done for everyday makeup or only when getting photographs done?

    1. I've seen contouring done well on pale skin, you just need to use the right colour and keep it subtly. I would definitely say it can be done to give an everyday look a little extra jazz, it's not just for photographs! The whole point of contouring is to give a defined, slimming look to your face, which is while it's mostly around the jawline and cheeks. Try it with a powder slightly darker than your everyday foundation or even a tinted highlighter, and see how it goes!